Heather Newman's debut studio album will be available to the public December 1st, 2017. Luckily, fans will have two events to support her album release! Heather will be having a release party at Knucklehead's Saloon  in the Gospel Lounge, Kansas City, MO on Dec. 1st with special guest Nick Schnebelen who made a guest appearance on the track "High Mountain Blues" in her new CD, Burn Me Alive. She will also host a release party in her hometown of Omaha, NE and to show her support for the Blues Ed program where she got started singing the blues, she will be having a current Blues Ed band, Us and Them, open the night on December 2nd, at the  Chrome Lounge  before she takes the stage. Follow the links for each venue to find ticket information!

This soul blues singer from Omaha, NE is making her way in the exploding music scene of Kansas City. After touring for the last two years with another KC based band, Heather decided to fall back into her own rhythm to let the light come shining down. Now she's booking, writing, recording, and promoting with nothing but passion in her soul for doing what she loves. Pre-order your copy of Burn Me Alive today at the HNB store. Official release is 12/1/17 through Vizztone Label Group.


VizzTone fans and friends may recognize Heather Newman as the striking singer from the 2016 release Nick Schnebelen Band / Live At Knuckleheads, vol. 1.  Now she’s stepping up and claiming center stage with her own band and a new VizzTone album, BURN ME ALIVE, coming out in December 2017. Stay tuned for more announcements concerning her full length debut CD, BURN ME ALIVE.

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to bring a massive soul renewal to the fans of this KC based group. Peppered with bits of blues, jazz, and a magic touch, please welcome Ryan to the Heather Newman Band!


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"Powerful vocals paired with an epic lead guitar; unquestionable talent that transcends into a must-see blues show."

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